7 Android Apps 2021 You Should Be Using Right Now

7 Android Apps 2021 You Should Be Using Right Now

7 Android Apps 2021 You Should Be Using Right Now. Now, don’t let the name fool you. Because I think you can use it. For purposes beyond mere presentation. But if you do, you are speaking in front of an audience Whether alive or in person, or just in practice.

7 Android Apps 2021 You Should Be Using

7 Android Apps 2021 You Should Be Using Right Now

Now, one thing I do like is that it’s very easy to use. You can easily choose the time, the duration you want, And then the timer goes, but it’s very, very visual. And what’s tremendous in that. It’s uncomfortable. Here you can see that I have just compiled a very simple 32nd test. And you can see it closer and closer like a sand timer, Blue is starting to surround.

Tell me it’s getting closer. But here at the very end, You will see that there are some different colors. Which may let me know that I am approaching, A little warning, a little production light. let me pause for a second And I’ll show you some settings.

That we can change here. if I go to settings, The number one thing you want to see here. Theme and pause. And it’s just above. here you can see, You can sort it by percentage. here is the default color, You can change them if you wish. But I set that at 80%, 80% of the maximum time I set, I want it to be green.

Then at 90, I want it to turn yellow To fix me. We should probably start wrapping up. And then with 95% left, I want it to turn red. Now again, you can change all these intervals Including colors according to your needs, Depending on your comfort level when you are serving. But keep in mind that you can also use this tool.

For example, maybe you have a meeting, right? And it’s going to last an hour. So just let me get him out of there. We can take away our seconds. You can also click here to enter your time. And I’m about to start. So now I have an hour-long meeting. I’m still going to get these reminders, these hints. Now I can just put it on the side of my de

Only I can see what is happening. And tell me how close I am. To finish my offer. Another nice bonus with the presentation timer That is, you can keep running in the background. So if you need something else.

You can go back and the timer is still working. Let’s move up to number two on my list And that’s the app block. And I add it to my list of productive tools Because it really helps my attention. And stay on track and not get distracted From things like social media. This is called the daily limit. And a while ago, I found myself spending Maybe a little too much time on Reddit So I’ve set a rule here on my phone.

I only have permission to Spend 30 minutes daily Now, the good news is that it doesn’t just apply to applications But it will also apply to the website itself. Now, let me tell you how easy it is to set up. So when we open, create a new profile The first thing we need to choose. What is going to happen? An app block gives us five great options here, Time.

Maybe when I’m in the office I want to block certain things, or if I want to get away from work, when I’m at home maybe I can block certain things here as well. You can block buy a wifi network.

And if you find yourself checking email far too often you can select that as well. Now, speaking of focus, number three on my list does have to do with social media but it also helps me prevent checking and having to visit my social media pages in order to post. And that is Buffer.

Now you may have heard of Buffer before. You may have heard me talking about Hootsuite in the past which is a social media manager, a social media scheduler that I’ve used in the past. But I’ve actually started using Buffer more often recently because of it’s simpler interface. And that continues here on the mobile tool.

How this helps me with my productivity and focus is that I don’t have to log in to Facebook in order to post something new or to post something in the future. I am preventing myself from being distracted by going into those social media profiles whenever I want to post something. All I need to do is open up Buffer and I can create that new posts and you can manage a variety of accounts.

Here you can see on the left-hand side I’ve got both a Facebook page, my LinkedIn profile, and my Instagram profile all linked up to my account meaning I can post different things to different social media channels, or if I want I can post the exact same thing to all of those channels as well.

Not only is this helping me create a bit more thoughtful content because I can just open this up wherever I am and schedule a post but I don’t have to worry about being distracted and being sucked down a rabbit hole by logging in and actually browsing and swiping through one of those social media profiles.

Now my next favorite productivity app helps me to stay paperless so that whenever I receive a receipt or a paper document, I can convert that easily to either an image or a PDF and then file it away or send it off to where I need it to be. So in this example, I’m taking a look at Adobe Scan.

So here I’ve got a receipt and I wanna be able to convert this cause maybe I need to file it away. As you can see, I’ve got relatively low light and I don’t even have to press anything. So it actually looks like a piece of paper in just a second. I’m gonna say continue here.

And what we’re gonna do now is open up this document. I just wanna show you how great looking this receipt looks, even though we had relatively low light. So this has already transformed it.

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