Best Online Teaching New Apps 2021

Best Online Teaching New Apps 2021

Best Online Teaching New Apps 2021. Here are my top 10 apps I found with you. I have a lot of use in the classroom. I have more than 10 apps. Ever since I’ve used or tried. I have integrated technology. Instructions but these are the top 10. That’s what I’m using right now.

Then there is plenty to be very useful. Much more than I can afford But if in a video these are saturated for help. Your memory or helps them. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items

Best Online Teaching New Apps 2021

Best Online Teaching New Apps 2021

Classroom ……………

I hope you find it useful to get started. One of my favorite apps is Cloud On. The cloud itself is the cloud version of most. Common Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Excel and I do what you want. No real hard work, but you Some will be able to work on the fly. Works if I need to type fast.

A letter or a quick note and Microsoft Word I can pull off the one I offer. Type a document in this cloud. Save it in Google Drive and then when I am. Go to a computer or laptop that I can. Download it directly to the laptop and Then finish whatever job I got. Do it or use it as it is.

I learned it was my second favorite The point is one of the things teachers do. Teachers are allowed to cut. Enter information about me Students who could use it in the first place. It could be used for attendance. Use it for treatment but since I have.

Ready to participate in programs and Grade …………

I use it just to keep notes. The things my students are doing things. Then they are walking with them. And that would allow me to talk. Talk to parents or them. Things that are going on with them. Baby, so I found it very useful. Number three is the edge of creativity.

Education Z is a program that allows. You have to record what you are doing. Screen and I want to use it to record. Different things I’m doing and me Then you can send it to the file and then Upload it to Admedo so that my Students can find this video tutorial.

Something I’m trying to convey to them. Understand or I can just use it that way. For scratch work for students Giving them something in the classroom, Direct Instruction Number Fou

An extremely useful tool in ………….

Can be used in the classroom and display. Can be used for instant videos. Information is just one of them Very useful stuff. I would recommend building a classroom Make sure it’s on your iPad and. Since then That one is very well known. It must waste five hours of time.

Become Google Earth many times when I am Teaching your units in the social sciences Beta show students need a fast track a The place I’m talking about or something. The type of geographic feature I want.

To understand them and just Google Earth Really gives me a way to show them. In a creative and interactive way, Number six is ​​doodle friends. Here are the main ways to use doodle friends. When I am sending a student If I’m trying to explain something, desk Get them or remember them I have learned that there is a way to imagine Just cut some kind of notes and Give us some quick information.

Reference and this is the really important thing. Used only for drawing but you Even in the classroom can use it with justice. Give us something quickly The recipe is trying to buy anything. So remind them of number six.

Or seventh on my list. Science 360 ​​I’m not carrying a load. Science 360 ​​But Science 360 ​​is a lot. Powerful out but because I like to use It has a lot of videos that you have. This 3D environment and their videos Plaster all over the wall and that’s it Find something that is relevant to you Trying to learn our concept.

Understand and improve students. Show them that loading takes some time. Up because there are so many videos in it. And I use so much information that I am. Not going to pull it off right now but You know that Science 360 ​​is there. And if you are, this is a very powerful reference. It’s never needed with that though.

They have been numerous times when I am. Cross the word I don’t know What this means is that I see it quickly. I can only grow my own way. Words and make sure I know. What am I talking about Number nine is just below.

Now is the time because of my dog. Number nine does not mean that it is an action. This list is number nine on my list. use it But I got the splash top too. What works useful lets me do it. Access my computer desktop from Anywhere in the room if I cross. The room and I are working with a student.

And I need to change something on my own. Short but for laptop or whole class Can’t get in the way of the city all the way. This room allows me to do this. From the whole room and that’s it Control my computer remotely.

Location and number ten definitely not Very last on my list but mine has to do. I use the same in the app to keep going Different things I have to do And the different things I need. Schedule to help me keep track I need every job.

There are so many on my top ten list. If you go to the app, there are a lot of apps out there Store and actually have a dedicated. The Education tab on the App Store Help them find you sooner. Just make sure you select Featured.

At the bottom and education tab. Here you go in the middle of The Education tab that you look at. In the upper part, you see apps for preschool and. Kindergarten apps for beginners Add existing apps for teachers. Literally, thousands of apps have run out. Be able to use I for students I didn’t want to get into it. Video because I want to try to keep it.

As short as possible but I really Review them over time Students do much better on the go. Through student apps that I do Because they have more time to go. Find out what apps are and what they are. Specific to your needs and then They just check me out and make improvements. But since my students will not use me. I didn’t keep them here because of the iPad. I just don’t want to take my place. Hope the iPad is ok helps.

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