How to create an app for free without coding

How to create an app for free without coding

How to create an app for free without coding. Hi guys this is ours from a people and Today we will learn how to create our own. You have to use your own app that uses papaya. Go to a people’s homepage and click the Create button here or Here After doing so you will be asked. Select and give the app category.

How to create an app for free without coding

How to create an app for free without coding in just 5 minutes

This name will take you to add pages Where you will need to choose. Pages you want to add from here or Here directly you can click on it. See all pages like Food Ordering. eCommerce and App Shopping Increasing reality Location-based directory audio and video Each of you can go on a series of lies Sections to find these key.

Pages like eCommerce and Food Order And can go to app purchases. Multimedia to watch videos and Audio pages and you can go. Contact and create your directory Call us on the page so I’m going to choose one. I think I need some pages.

For this app About page Facebook page Caller page and website amount The page can be named whatever you want. About us and basically can say this.

Feed-in all the information about. The business that you are talking about so you put In the information Explain the name of the founder Mission Foundation Year Vision and Awards Facebook page Basically you need to enter the URL.

Business on Facebook in your app Here you see when you click on the preview. You can add it in the simulator there. More such links will call us on the next page. It’s one click to facilitate calling. Where in the app and you can put them all.

Your mobile number, your office number, And landline numbers that you can add. Here and I such a large number Website page in which you have to enter. The URL of your website Well once I do what I can. See these deletion options here.

Lock it with the login page Hide or close the page Can even change the feel of the app. Try and feel the splash change. The screen here so I get a selection of screens Here I can switch to the app. The category can also be changed from here. So when I was, I chose an online business Started making this app which I can choose. Build on something else and maybe.

Build and splash screen Change automatically depending on There is still a choice to go in the category. Go ahead and make changes and make it. I can choose my app icon from here or me I can even upload what I like. From here and change the background of the application. That way I can decide if I want to text.

Not in the header or in an icon or in the header Of course I can just choose to. Text or just an image or no header. Text Nowhere too I can decide if I. If I click want background or not. I’ll get the background on that Whose color can be changed. Navigation layout can be done from here.

They look like this when I click. In them then I can decide the layout. Change the app and all colors from here. Icons from here by page Color the background color Plan the page and give one at the end Any color I like if I go. Here I can see the difference in what I can do. Just select an app and click on the app.

Abishai ceremony That’s all I have to do after doing this. When I have it, click Save and Publish. Posted an app in which he would ask me to sign With an existing ID or with a new ID So I can say I’m a new user and click Give yourself a name and an email ID here.
And password I will be asked once I sign.

To choose a plan that contains Three basic gold and Platinum is the basic gold and platinum. I will choose the free plan among the paid plans. Here and now I will be taken. dashboard Looks like I can go.
My apps work here and I can. Download my app from here I can decide. Which platform do I want to download? And well my app is ready to use thanks.

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