How to Create New an App for Beginners 2021

How to Create New an App for Beginners 2021. This approach represents the controller ViewController. swift file in your Xcode project. If you click it, the editor area Turns into a code editor where you can write Swift code to manage the view. You Back to our Xcode project, click this stop icon here to stop your project from running.

If we want to display something on the screen, we have to add some elements to it. To view our storyboard, go ahead and click here and on the main storyboard. The editor area will be changed to Interface Builder and Library Pane Down this guy, make sure you’re looking at the Object Library tab at the moment. Type “label” in the filter box.

How to Create New an App


How to Create New an App for Beginners 2021







Yet because we don’t have labels on our screens. Xcode uses a system. Auto layout is asked to resize and position the elements on the screen. It makes. Easy to create multiple screen sizes and working layouts for you. Orientation basically tells you the rules that command your element to be. In position and what their size should be. There should be principles like this element.

Like any other element, the height of this element should be 20 points away from the right. These aspects are called auto layout constraints. Now you are learning a lot. More about Auto Layout in the next tutorial but for now let’s jump into it. Put our code in Xcode and position. Now after adding your label you may have.

It is also shown here. This area is called the outline of the document and It lists all the elements you have. If you do not have this window. Click on this little icon here to show and hide it. Let’s center our label. Screen by adding some barriers to it. Click the label from your document. Sketch to select it and then in the bottom corner we have this bit. Icons.

If you look at them, you will see their names. Click on the Align icon and Select this menu horizontally in the container and vertically In the container and then click on the button that says add two barriers and then You will see the location of the label itself based on the newly added barriers. now Let’s change the text on the label. You should see this as your label is selected.

Make sure the configurable features in the inspector pane on the right-hand side You are looking at the right tab and then scroll to find the text feature. This Must be the first and then just type in the “label” there “Hello World” Now let’s run the project in our simulator again. Click on it a little.

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