How To Create Your Own App From Your Android Device

How To Create Your Own App From Your Android Device

How To Create Your Own App From Your Android Device 2021. Johanna is leaving the galaxy and today. To show you how to create an Android app. Free from your Android device First go to the store to play and download one.

How To Create Your Own App

How To Create Your Own App From Your Android Device 2021

Find and then keep on next. Then press Yes, type here you can. See yes a window is open and you can. Choose a girl so I’m going to choose. Place the sky blue and then the next number. Place next so you can select here. Your app icon so I’m going to choose. Present and select from the gallery. Picture or pictures like I’m going to choose. It’s a big deal. Little I like to watch and then press it down and then down.

So here’s the icon bill that you can see. You can choose when it is full Click on your app’s background and Then choose the present then I am. Go to the gallery and choose an image like this Press it and then on to the next. So after the loading is complete you can.

See here that manga style has been demanded from him. You can choose anyone but I’m going. Just select it again and again. Press on Effect II to warn us and then. Select anything like the list of image screens. Interactive Maps Media Player II Connected screens filled with external action I feed the connector in the connector.

And then select anything so I’m going to choose Google+.

And here you can use your go back so you I can choose one of the ones I am going to. Type Google+ and then Google a Continent. Like very hard G + and then here you can type. If you know, go back to Chrome and copy. Open your address and then another.

Then press on it and the test is that I’m sorry Here I am so you can type your name. Going to type Johan J + and then done Then press on to complete Then choose a sympathy and repeat I’m going to choose matte contacts and This time I’m going to choose new – and. Then type here ……

John Galaxy has a lot of them in many people. you want to So you can make it yourself. Half of that work Press this button like exit button Then here you can see that it is a small one Press the button on the bottom

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