How to Install ANDROID Apps on WINDOWS PHONE 10

How to Install ANDROID Apps on WINDOWS PHONE 10

How to install Android apps on WINDOWS PHONE 10. What Android apps on my Lumia do I need to lift my glasses? See the link in the video description. For a complete written guide below, the full list of working and experienced Lumia models, I would use my favorite yellow Lumia. 920 Although now running Windows 8.1.

I need to upgrade to Windows 10. First, preview. It is very easy to download. Internal Windows App for Windows Store and Android Use it faster in Windows 10 preview updates.

How to install ANDROID apps on WINDOWS

How to Install ANDROID Apps on WINDOWS PHONE 10
I checked the phone update. Here it is. So now we can go to settings. And find the manufacturer. To the developers. Select Enable developer formatting. And enable device discovery. Download this guide app.


It says to connect the USB cable and the pair. This will give you a code and you will need it. I entered this code and the developer app so I just paired my phone and now I need an android app. Use.

Amazing store for this example.

So I downloaded the AP file and dropped it into this program. I installed it and made almost half a click. A minute later. This gives the installation to this window. I checked your phone AND this is my Amazon Phone Android application ……….

It takes some time to set it up. Play it for the first time. But here I signed and it looks good. It works very well. However, the problem is. I say this after installing Check your Android settings and it asks you to do Select to allow apps to be installed from unknown sources and where I couldn’t.

Android Settings Found in Windows So here’s another cool app. Quick call setup. And as you can see, it changes Android settings from Wi-Fi to GPS. And this is even more interesting. The screen showing.

Available space and CPU status and even operating system …………. Showing Microsoft’s Windows 10 and version 4.4. I think that means running. Android 4.4 But it’s like a customs hall.

Microsoft ………….

And another interesting feature if we are. Try to download any app from Google Play as a store if we link to Google Play Store. It will open Uh Google Play instead of the Windows Store. So now you can open Google Play Online. Find the desktop PC and application you want.

Copy the URL of the application into the web browser and use it to download the web. Link for the apk file. So after downloading your APK, drag and drop and click Reinstall. There are notifications. It is possible to install Google. Play But I could not install. Google Check services still, but complete again, I will update them in the written guide.

Constantly And finally here is Facebook Messenger. For Windows Phone, you can see that it is there All Windows menus and here they are the same. Facebook Messenger on Android And you can use all the Android extra.

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