How to install Android Studio on New Windows 10

How to install Android Studio on New Windows 10. Let me show you how to download android. Create Studio in 2021 on your Windows operating system so install first to download android. The studio requires you to have Java installed on your computer.

So for that just click on the command prompt. And after typing now type the JavaSpace Dash version which just presses and holds that he and she The message came Java version 15.0.1 is correct if installed on your computer.

How to install Android Studio on New Windows 10

How to install Android Studio on New Windows 10

If you receive a similar message, all you know is that Java is installed on your computer. If you receive a different message such as Java is not recognized as internal or external. Do something like this, then you will know that Java is not installed on your computer.

So for this, you need to install java first so I made a video on how to install java In Windows 10 so I will put the link in detail from which you can go to this link first. And just know how to install java first install java and then you need to install android studio.

OK now as you can see Java is installed on my computer. So now I will go ahead to install android studio so that i will just open uh google chrome. And type android studio download for windows is now the first one an ad on which to rely.

How and when are you installing this android studio?

You may find some different ads. But ah what you need to do is you need to click on another link which is this developer. So just click on it. Yes, now click on this download under Studio. This is an 896 MB file. And now just check these terms and conditions and click on android download studio for windows.

Now I have already downloaded android studio so I will cancel it. And I’ll install it from the download file. So just after your download is complete, double-click on your downloaded file and Just wait a few seconds just accept it, and now click on yes next.

You need 2.7 GB of space because you can see that by clicking next. Now if you want to install in another directory, the installation is being done in CD3. Then just click Browse and save according to your destination, otherwise, just click.

And now just click install and as soon as you can see that the installation has already started. It will take a while, maybe a minute or two, and then I’ll be back to you. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either Whether it is installed correctly or not it is complete so now just click on Next.

Click Finish now to start your android studio. Now if we have already installed android studio then you need to click on this configuration. Or the installation folder otherwise if you are installing android studio for the first time.

Then just click Do not import settings and click OK. Now your android studio has been launched. Some files need to be download so you still need an active internet connection. As you can see some downloads are currently in our android studio.

If you want to send your usage statistics to Google, you can click on send. I’ll just click not send straight, I don’t want to send any data to Google. So I click send now and not now. This is telling me that android studio 4.2 beta 2 is available this is a better question so i will. Wouldn’t recommend downloading it right now so I’ll cancel it and click Next.

Now there are basically two options, one is standard installation and the other is custom installation Now it’s up to you if you want to go for quality then which one you want to choose. The installation then just click on Next and now you will see that it is an android downloader.

I do not want to recommend you to use my android. Smartphone so you know you can test your app on your phone, not a virtual device. For this, I will simply click in the previous and then I will click on this custom installation UP. And now there are basically two theme options one is Dracula the other is lighter.

I usually need to code at night so that you know the Dark theme is usually the best. Now it is suitable for your eyes. If you want to go for light, you can simply keep it as default. And just click on the nest otherwise click on Dracula I will go for Dracula.

So now I will go to the next part.

Now as I said before. I don’t need an Android emulator because I will test my app on my phone. I don’t have to have 1.15 GB installed on my device so I’ll just uncheck it. And I don’t need this Intel Action because it’s for a virtual device.

So I just didn’t check it out and just click on Next Click Finish Now. So then the real download will start just like I said before you need to take it. A stable internet connection is exactly what I will do during this installation.

Come back after downloading Now my installation is complete, I’ll just click Finish. And now just click create a new project. Now just click on the empty activity and click on Next. Now for the purpose of testing, I will do justice. Keep it default and I’ll convert this minimal and SD version to Marshall Melo.

Now just click on Finish. Now to make Bridal Android Studio you need to download some packages too so it will happen. Take some time as I said earlier that you need seven internet connections. Wait a few minutes to download the grill then we will be back soon.

Now my fall wheel is complete so now I’ll just test my app so I’ll just do it. Click on the address that is the resource directory. Then click Layout and then Just minimize this new section and click on the main activity of this activity.

Now, this is the setting I’m going to see on my phone that this is the Hello program. So for that, as I said before I will test you on my android phone I will also recommend it. Use your data cable to connect your Android phone to your computer for you guys. Now you need to test this app.

You need to enable your Developer Format option on your phone I’ve already made a video to enable your developer option on your phone. So I will keep only one From the link in the description you can see if it is needed, otherwise if you have already enabled it.

Your developer option on your phone then you will see this popup now it is just telling. If you want to allow your phone to be debugged. So that’s why they gave this RSA key fingerprint. I have hidden it for security purposes. You will get a similar RSS.

The key then always checks the permissions from this computer. Click OK. And now just click on File Transfer then you will find your Android device right here. And now all you need to do is click on the run button after clicking on it.

It will take some time to build the gradient. Then it will be installed on your phone so we are here. We have correctly installed our first app on our phones. This is the Hello World Android app. Now if you want to change the code a bit like hello most hello world change.

And just run it here on the phone again as you can see it has been updated from Hello World. Hello everyone, congratulations you have just installed your first android app on your phone. This video is about installing Android Studio on Windows 10.

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