How To Install Windows 8 Any Android Phone 2021

How To Install Windows 8 Any Android Phone 2021

How To Install Windows 8 Any Android Phone 2021. How to install Windows 8 and I am. We are going to tell you how to install it. Windows 8 is on your tablet and so on. A few steps where you can see the steps. We are going through all of them. So hurry up, let me know that my tabs are here. The first thing you need to do is.

Download Windows 7 USB Tool So I Am. Gave you the address in the comments. You just go here and click download. Then you go to another address and Download the original ISO file Windows.

How To Install Windows 8 Any Android

How To Install Windows 8 Any



Release preview so you can go here. And click it and download it. They will already start downloading here. If this is the case I’m just going to cancel it. Then like I said you download USB. Go to it now to pick up a tool.

Look it looks like there. So in this, you are just going to choose. Browse the ISO file and you’re done. You are going to select the USB you want. Must be at least 4. Gigabytes and then you’re going to click. Remove and it will format your USB drive.

So here you see that we have done it. One we have downloaded it. We downloaded the USB tool ISO We have developed a portable USB and now. I’ve got to split your hard drive. Space so we don’t know how to get you.

There you click Manage Disk. A d create and format disk partitions. Right now you probably have one or more. Disk partitions for example if I go. With that in mind, I can see that I have C drive D. Now I have 16 gigabytes in my D drive.

If it’s free we’ll use it for that. For example, you need more than that. But I’ll show you how to reduce it. This is my D-drive I’m going to say. Compress the volume you are going to. Want to shrink your volume by more than.

20 GB so you can make it. If you do not have disk space. Maybe you’re out of luck. Right-click on the partition you call. I want to shrink and I’m going to shrink. My 8,000 is basically eight Gigabytes say shrink and it’s not going to. To hurt your hard escape space. Going to create another logic.

Divide by shrinking it ………..

It’s just going to make a bunch. Space is right now you see it has. Seven point eight gigabytes without space. I’m going to call it the new easy volume. This little wizard has brought something new. Assign the letter H to the next end now. We are going to call a new volume.

so when we really go. Install the volume you are going to. Select install to install the partition on it. Now that you’ve done that we’re all done. Of these things, it remains to prepare. The bullet then I will go to myself. The camera to show you how it works. The bullet and the reason why we have to.

The reason for the bullet things is that Right now the tablet is probably not worth it. Accept USB drive or not. We are able to accept any keyboard input That has to change and I’m leaving. I’ll show you how.

Well then in the introduction we showed. How do you build your computer? Make your own small USB stick. You are used to installing. Windows 8 on your tablet Here are two things you should know. Your tablet and the one you are going to become. Using these hard buttons on the tablet.

Your volume up and down buttons and yours Screen switch button and it goes. The Samsung 7 Series may have your buttons. The other thing on your tablet is different. This we will use a little. Windows button and when you make your boot up.

The computer on which you want to stick to it. Windows button and let your BIOS know. As you can see the BIOS has now arrived. Upstairs because we grabbed those windows There are so many buttons that you see now.

L to switch to the top and menus. You know the menu you hold on to this little one. Switch the screen button and use the volume up. Buttons so I’m using the volume buttons. In me, you can see that I am switching.

I’ll tell you when the menus do there. The menus you will need to change. So you will go to the boot menu and click. Boot device priority and then you will use. Press the Enter screen switch button And you want USB to be the first one.

One of the ways, when you plug it in This, is the first boot in which it is so. Which you need to change now we will. That’s your back. Button so we go back and then we go. Press and use the switch screen. Press the volume up button to go. Advanced and here’s what you need.

Let’s get a nice zoom on it. So I’ll name them so you need a CPU Power saving mode is enabled from Hyper. Threading is workable and BB hanging is disabled.

Abel and Legacy USB support is now enabled.

Abel and Legacy USB support is now enabled. Legacy USB support will allow you. Plugin your mouse and keyboard It will benefit when you type all of them. Once you have the information. Change this thing in BIOS usage. Save your button and say save and exit and Then reboot and put it in your USB.

Suggest you have a USB splitter and Insert your keyboard and this USB. Boot So let’s boot up and see what that is. happens. Well, we’re booting right now you can see it. There are times with our USB Pull it from USB to the preferred boot Windows is going to be brought to the fore. Installation interface and more Draw attention to yourself.

I’m going to make your choice to go. The distribution we created earlier. And then you’re just going to choose. Install everything on this partition. Otherwise very self-explanatory. With no difficulty installing any Windows Things would have already happened to talk.

Oh yes, sticking to the wall Gold you know go there now Where you want to install it and our set. Hardcore so it’s too much. Once you prepare your USB. You have created your distribution once. You have asked your computer to enable USB.

And we have to make a boot drive. You are ready to do everything. Be done automatically It will be created automatically. Will tell you when you boot up. Whether you want Windows 8 or not Windows 7 to boot everything like this. So hopefully this will help you if you. Any questions go ahead and hit me. Everything in the comments and I will. I can. Thank you goodbye

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