How to Introduction to Mobile Testing 2020

How to Introduction to Mobile Testing 2020

How to Introduction to Mobile Testing 2020. mobile testing What is mobile testing? There is nothing but testing your mobile. OK, so you can get one Website or software and nowadays you Can publish an iPhone version or an android. A version like Lex Samsung Galaxy S2 For s3 or Samsung Galaxy Note or iPhone 4s iPhone 5 Now I have prepared some application for you.

Now your website for the mobile platform This application is required. Tested in the same way as you need to test. Software or our website right now Basically testing the mobile version of It could be your website or your software.

How to Introduction to Mobile Testing

How to Introduction to Mobile Testing 2020

It could be a website, it could be a game. Animation video or it can be of any kind. The application is OK so it can be mobile. Website, as well as mobile testing, is everything. There are two types of mobile.

The request that you can perform. Mobile website testing and one. Mobile app testing is something so lightweight. There is a difference between a mobile website and. A mobile application then a mobile website Something you can click on. Browser icon on your smartphone and You can visit or. You can watch mobile.

So keep an eye on their website version. This is not the application. That is not a smartphone application. Just a mobile version of their website OK so you can test the mobile version. Their website is a bit of that. Different from the original website Because mobile screens are too many.

Younger than you ………

Fix the laptop or your desktop or even. Your tablet is smaller than your iPad. Similarly four different sizes of screens You must have different versions. You’re website so they’re mobile. Website OK for Samsung Galaxy S. 2 will see and feel the mobile website. Well different from my laptop. And other types of mobile testing The original app is a mobile app tester.

There is something that is requested. That you can users or users. Can download on your mobile phone. Use their smartphones and. The request is exactly the same Facebook application Android or iPhone Facebook application or YouTube Request instead of use There will be a browser application. Just downloaded to your mobile phone.

Like you download software on your own. OK on a laptop or your desktop. Can download directly to your phone. And that becomes the software application. Nowadays you have mobile phones. Millions today There have been mobile applications.

Mobile developed and published ………………

Website and mobile app testing are one. Why the booming industry nowadays mobile ?. Examining why we will need to perform. The reason for mobile testing is many. The direct reason is in this. In the past, we have desktops now. Have laptops which is fine but now we are. These iPhones also hold Android phones. We are BlackBerry iPad and so on. Magic with a lot of variety Different sizes of different devices Devices Different operating systems This is not Windows.

The laptop is now an iPhone …

Android Samsung Galaxy This is an iOS. iOS 2 version and different versions Even the iPad 3 and various Android Different versions on the operating system Android Smartphones Android 2.2 2.3 For this, Android Jelly Bean, etc. Diversified platforms are now a big deal. L The challenge to sustain companies Different platforms because they are needed.

Be able to access your customers. From a website or software tool Whatever platform they need nowadays. You have to survive in the market. Your website or application platform Free means it will work for anyone. The platform is fine so you can capture as much as possible. And as many users can use. Most consumers consider this to be just a TD.

Bank Mobile Banking Application ……….

They have the iPod version iOS version. There is an Android version and BlackBerry. The version is probably the same, and that’s a big deal. للکار So to deal with this challenge. Deal with this situation. The need for mobile testing is fine. So they have these requests. To run in all different types of devices. There is a big challenge and that is why you Now you need to check your application. Your application must be checked.

The variety of devices is not just yours. In the past, we were the only desktop. Software testing and software testing It was just about checking the website. Your Windows app on Windows or laptop On the desktop and even on your Mac But now you have.

iPhone Androids iPad and all kinds of Blackberry

All kinds of Different tools to suit your request I need to test. You have multiple environments. To check your different versions An application for this is pending. Especially if your environment The application or software says Follow the online banking application of banks. It works fine on iPad but it doesn’t. But it does not appear on the Android form.

You do not see the login as expected. The page you don’t see is logged in. Activate at your request Your Android device is a huge problem. Then you are losing millions. Users who use Android phones. That’s why mobile testing is so important. This is very important these days. It’s like a mobile app. Checking that you can test mobile.

You can do UI testing. Which is basically user testing. Interface We will go into details. We will get the test type in hand. Dirty hands please check us more. Future video and next video set Videos will become your master. Mobile application and mobile website We will proceed with the same test. Practically so that you can do any kind of test. Mobile application and none other.

It can prevent you from getting a job. Today’s competitive mobile application Rising testing industry The industry and it’s growing into a drama. Dramatically and nowadays The mobile industry will be even bigger. Because more and more people are entering. Mobile platforms and smartphones Mobile app testers are required. Is growing It’s up to you to become one.

By the end of this course, you will be an expert. I became a master of mobile lab testing The most popular across all platforms and thus you have UI testing. Practical testing performance Network Performance Testing Will does not provide any compliments to them. Kind of testing because we will.

Go ahead we will try directly. Instead, with our own hands on the device Also provide definitions You need to check the installation. The user should be able to download their own. Application from the App Store iPhone App Store and Android Play Store and The same is said there. Check for interference in the next Keep videos with your mobile Trial

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