How to Learn App Development Android 2021

How to Learn App Development Android 2021

How to Learn App Development Android 2021. Things that deal with things. Android needs to be ready. Hold things well in meaning. They are just software packages. New personal to be installed here.

Computer fees for developing Android Well the first thing that applies We need to do this so that this JDK is our Java Development kit The other thing is under the studio and The third thing is programming experience. Java Development Kit is well talked about.

How to Learn App Development Android

How to Learn App Development Android 2021













This is nothing but software that helps. You have to develop any kind of Java. Apply well if you are going to run. You need any
Java application. To install Stable K in your PC The next thing is your average. Android Studio is nothing more than this one.

Software is for the type but. Integrated development and run and All IDs of software that enable You to have to develop other software in it. If this Android Studio helps you. Prepare run compile debug and do your own test. The next thing is that Android apps are good.

Programming experience and it is not. Software or downloadable equipment and below You definitely need it. For programming experience. Prepare without anyone else’s request. You can add any programming experience. So as to request Prepare an application how you need.

Definitely, we run programming. Though you can’t do anything well. These are the things we really care about. Now let’s jump
into the download and Java is part of both installation Development Kit and Android Studio Available for all platforms for our farms.

Meaning all our operating systems You only need one browser to download. Things that are open source and You know you pay no money on a free vent. Download these things first. Sir Java attached in a kit download, oh Link to download Java development link Cut into detail but it may change.

In the future, only in the case of JDK for Google If you can’t find things in the link. Accept the license agreement and See a list of this after accepting. God’s package And a list of packages available to you Need to choose package or file.

Based on your operating system if You have the Linux operating system. Need to download a package for Linux if you have Windows Need to download a file for Windows.

There is good talk about Windows or UNIX. There are two types of operating systems ………..

32-bit architecture and 64 bit ………….
Architecture so you definitely need. Learn your operating architecture. The system information it downloads in my case. I have a 64-bit operating system. Well after downloading JDK you need. Download Android Studio and Studio. Is a heavier file than JDK.

Just another daily case size around Hindi but in this case to transfer the image About 1 point is much smaller than 1 GB. I will just click on the download tab and On the homepage of the studio and download.

Under the studio, before downloading hundreds You just go through the system. Need to install under. Because for you if you are personal. Computers or laptops lack one. Downloading things again is just one. Loss of time and data after departure Only through system requirements Click the download button to download.

Handouts and it’s a 1 GB file. I said earlier so you need to wait. Patience must download both well. SDK and it’s time to hand you over. When it comes to installing both things. Do not install Java Development Kit. Any special package required. During the installation, so you can just. Click on the exe file and you can just.


Install it but when it comes to Android. Studio It prompts you to install something. Packages that prompt you to download. Installation or other before packages Your installation time and of course It needs to be done because though Packages and this you should not. Work properly now let’s go first Indicate the step of installing Java.

Development kit if you want You can change the installation phone. Browse and change it but that’s the important thing. Just make a note of this installation. Folder because we need to install it. Folder Then clicks Next and then You are free to install.

Jog dal up and keep takes longer or Less time is based on your computer. Situation after our install Development kit Well, I just applaud Stalin X and Step into your computer which is yours.

Run where you can really install In my case of JD it is in the file files. Just go to the Java folder Copy the installation folder and part. This is my case, this is an e-colon slash. Program File / Java Slash JDK 1.7 thing Press on your to copy something. Click on the computer icon and system. Features within system properties Now click on Advanced System Settings.

We are going to do what we are going to do. Or to create environment variables This is for environment variables. Because your average view as I said. Emily before the Java-based application Requires JDK or Java Development Kit. There are exit exits from the debug to compile. It the same thing with the Java file Your honors student needs to know this. Java Development Kit or JDK Actually in order to install IDE knows the location clearly.

You need to create an atmosphere. Variable and you need to name it Java. The house should be subdivided into variable values Text the box you need to paste.

The path to the installation folders on the link Mushaya copied well after the call Click OK to paste it and that’s it This is done with insulation or Creating the environment variable after The variable needs to make the body. This is the important thing of the time.

Phone at least animal which means only you Need to install Android Studio Listen. Lenders you know are really heavy. File and I promise you I challenge you. That you will really lose your patient. Install the file so I just select. All packages and click. Next like you want to go through someone.

Food package to go on and four Description How to do you license ?. Agreements are made later. License agreements if you need to change Which part you can change the installation. Hundreds to products and why not.

Day TT spots ready after tinting And better installation choices. Just click Next and Back to the location. Then click on install and as I am. That said, it will take you a long time. Be patient, be patient, be patient After installing others that require you. Do nothing. It’s time to move on. But that’s your own Android application. Before that, I’m going to explain the same thing.

What does it mean after working well? I left it Part of the installation after installation You need to go through the folder or. Path Value Install Android Studio and Inside it will be two executions. In the files, you get the right option inside the bin. There will be two executables in the folder.

FilesStudio.ExtoStudio 64 Exe If so You have a 32-bit operating system. Under the studio will go automatically. You double click or if you open it. Studio Exempt Penalty But If You Are Is a system with 64 bit operating. System You need to open Studio 64. Alexei is just fine at first.

Right-click on it and just select Run. As an administrator so you run it. Without any hassle. Well, this is the start screen .. Will take it at the first start. It usually takes a long time to get there Be patient I am the first startup of Android Studio. You will be asked to download another package.

 As I said before so you must be. An active internet connection Download them and packages on it. Not much time after selling SDK add-on packages are being downloaded. You are free to download and go after. And installing this 60k package on your own.

This is the setup of Android Studio Going to configure and talk here. These things consist of an engine together. Included by the witches I understood You downloaded before you spoke. Add SD’s about this thing. Abbreviation for Software Development Kit Well in this case knows her. It’s all EK in the relevant code here.

Tools that are essential for your development. Now it’s time for the Android applications. Click Start your new Android project. Start the new Android project here. Comes So this is the application name you can make. Explain that this is the domain of Tom Company.

Learn the name to talk about this company. Name In fact, it is not a company. Consider the Play Store issue. The Play Store server will help. Differences between applications. That there will be no dummy on it. Apply this item for any applications.

So please specify with unique. A company domain name usually starts. Name your company so it won’t happen. Available in the
Play Store you can here. Change the location of your project or Click here if you are next to the workspace. You are going to develop Android.

Request with minimum requirement And out of the ice cream sandwich you can. Choose it if you like. Change the tool and translate fine. Our breasts can be anything. Change it here too, that’s it now. Need at least SDK as I said before. If you change it then your request Ice cream will run as high as sandwiches. And this is the later operating system.

You are going to prepare it for it yourself. Phone or tablet you can take it. Because if you’re going to develop it. Here’s your Android watch below Can check it and based on your mood Compatibility You can sell differently.

Then devices or various gadgets Usually choosing to click well next Are close to starting if you do not have. Think about what you can postpone. Just click Continue with an empty activity. And after the next key, we’ll just finish. And just a look to click on Finish. Here is your climate under the Knapsack, You can change the coding.

Customize the coding structure. Add new columns to which you can add new ones. Ingredients and you can make your own progress. Android application in the single-game I’m really telling you that I’m not one.

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