How to Upload Android Apps to Google Play Store

How to Upload Android Apps to Google Play Store

How to Upload Android Apps to Google Play Store. Google Play Store so we can open it. I’m just going to this android studio so I have a sample in the underground studio. Project this trail ad with a text view on the screen so that eventually we all.

Once you have completed your work through your Android app. How do you make sure it works with all kinds of devices? Similar Android versions and similar forum display sizes and once you And all is well then all you have to do is just go and click.

How to Upload Android Apps to Google Play Store

How to Upload Android Apps to Google Play Store

Such a window that has everything is empty just click on your threat. And here you are. The method of giving is fine and so once you do it all All you want to do is fill in the blanks and just press whatever you have. To do so click on Next and from here you must click OK Finish. The signatures are complete and we go to the apk here.

You can see the released app. Already K so anyway now we just remember to get closer now. Close Project Android Studio Let’s close the browser Google Chrome. And how to do it from Google Ali just click on Google Play Type. The first one and here’s how you click on the first link and I’ll add.

To see how the pad can see that you can see such a window from where you can meet.

Your wish and once you get the name just give a brief explanation I’m just. Closing the same thing here so you have to give all the links and Everything contained in full detail so that once you have given it all you have to do. Just go down and show a high-resolution screen like 480 by 800.

Or something like that here I have two icons that control it and how.

Once the position is down, upload the high-resolution icon If your request is here I can give a sample I can do it here it shows. Resolution is required so click on it that the feature of this option is giving only one. Feature Graphics Get the promo now and add one if you like. TV Banner So here’s a new feature called Day Dream 360 is your copy image. We’re just going to leave it now. If you can give it a go.

Instead of mixed graphics, add a promo video from YouTube Now let’s go somewhere else and we have the Applications tab That this is the application of default education, so we are leaving this material Now here if you have a website and it can probably give you. All you have to do on QR is submit all things amazing no concessions click on it.

If you haven’t talked about any privacy policy yet. All you have to do is click on the app before we have to save. So click on the drop-down on sales so once you’ve done that we’ve uploaded it. apt file and we have to upload the epic one browse file we have apk.

Copy the location and bring it here. Say, let’s release an app. Now open the file once waiting for the uploading process to complete Uploading is complete and is now being processed and as you can see. Estimate and approximately twelve thousand and 128 devices can run this application. This is great if you have a better version then you can probably add it. Oh and here even testing can just

Production and now all we have to do is we have completed two of these stages now. We have to move towards content gratification which is really very important. Click continue and you can get such food just enter your email ID. Well the opportunities for things are nowhere no no no no you should read. Understand all things and what they are saying.

Just click on the second arrow at the end to calculate the correct thing. Writing is complete. Now click on the request text and once you have finished your work You now successfully complete three steps. Now pricing and distribution for education so you can see us from above.

Once we’ve set up your free version, you need to set up a paid or free version. You can turn it yellow in the future so make sure which one you have. And select hundreds and select all countries and yes no. This is one of the few ads so click yes if you have any kind of an ass.

You should choose the years when you have to ADD that is never selected. Against the Google Play policy and now going down we can see a lot. Options are fine so once you click on the cell draft we have. Successfully completed four of them now you just need to press. Publish App OK so now the application is published and it may take several.

Many hours like three to five hours to see our app Google Play, let’s wait and check back in a few hours

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