How to Use Android App Development Tutorial

How to Use Android App Development Tutorial

How to Use Android App Development Tutorial. Installed our Java environment JRE and JDK and we arranged everything That our machine knows where to find us. Java installation and now forward. We will go ahead and install this. The lunar eclipse connects the IDE. We are going into an environment of development. Use to learn Java first. We work as usual. Go ahead and Google and you go.

Go ahead and type in Eclipse Download. Click on it and you can see that OK. Remove the first link from here as it clips. What if the download is just a click away There are a lot of options when you come here. Here I will let you know just as a rule. Since the thumb, we are going to Java.

How to Use Android App Development Tutorial

Android App Development Tutorial

I will go ahead and click on development. This IDE for Java developers is now yours Feel a little here too. We have two options again we have 30 32 bit. And 64 bit and I’m probably on my machine. If I am here I am using a 64 bit. I suggest you use 32 bit.

Against taking 64 bit as 32 bit Well don’t know if you want. Find out if you have a machine. 32 refer to running on 64 bit. Previous video where we are installing. Click on the 64 bit Java JDK here. This includes the Eclipse IDE for which. Java developers then go ahead and speak 64.

And that brings you here to this download. Page here then just go ahead and say. Download and of course you can move on. And give some money to donate if I can encourage you because I The clips are amazing and it’s always nice.

Give a hand to those who spend a lot of time for us to develop these tools Developers if you want to help Donate whatever you think. You look perfectly fine at the moment. The lunar eclipse is indeed downloading. As you can see below here. We’ll take a moment 155 Megabytes then give a little time. And then we’ll all be back.

As you can see here you see in us. My clips download everything unzipped. There and there you noticed that. Actually, you can see if you click. Here we have a lot of things. Back here I’m going to copy it and I am.

I’m going to go to my desktop. Paste says I’ve pasted it all. Encourage you in the folder on my desktop. Actually, move on and maybe make one. Where the folder inside your documents You can call the developer or developer. And paste the entire folder inside. That way you have everything. A place related to lunar eclipses is fine.

I’m just putting it here on my desktop. Because I want to make sure of that right now. I’ll show you how Ideally you want to keep somewhere. Where you remember where to look. It’s okay so you can see there’s one.

It may take quite a bit of file. Time and just let him do his job and. Once it’s done, we’ll get back to it. OK,, so you can see we have it now. Eclipse folder as you can see here. That’s right and you can see that ours.

A lunar eclipse is workable so you double click. On it and you should see the lunar eclipse. Getting started and since this is the first. This can happen when you are opening a lunar eclipse. Another thing after a while That will ask you where you choose. Your plans are being saved

Well, then this is the place of work and you I can change whatever you want. I am just. This is the second and your way to leave. You can also configure it to use as a set. Default and no and don’t ask again Click OK and it’s still doing. Loading files is not your thing it is.

Lunar Eclipse is now installed and running. The first thing we’re going to do is move on. And here’s to the left. Where our projects are going. As we keep creating more and more. Projects you will not be able to see them. Settle here and this is where ours The main window is where our code is.

Food and everything are going to show and On the right, this is going to be the second. Things that precede it and beyond Okay so we need to do that first. Now just make sure things are real Proceed to the task and right-click on the new thing. We are going to develop a new Java project.

So go ahead and say Java Project here And what we call is what we are. Going to call this hello world. You guessed it first thing. Programs that you ever write and here you can. See it go ahead and get our GR right.

Because that’s what we have 1.8 here. And you can see that there are many more. Just make sure you have this Java SE 1.8. She is OK and everything is OK there. Goes next and says it’s all good. Finish and do it now if we will.

Click here inside our source.

Click there which means lyrics: want to say new. That’s because to make a package. Where our Java code will be. So the next thing we’re going to call. This is the name and convention. This is usually a bit strange. This is a reverse domain name and no Worries about it we’ll talk more about it. This is your first post.

Succeeded in creating your first Java Hello. Run the world and make it and make sure. Things are actually going on so we are. I will call this work my project I can typically work ok finish you know Here we are going to right-click.

. Once again we are going to create a class So go ahead and say in Java class. Class here and we want to make sure. A public static is invalid so click here. Because it’s going to be our key. Entry point and we’re going to call it that. Hello, everything is fine as you can see.

Configure OK and make sure again.

Because the public says static falsehood is important This is our entry point. Kay then finished the application And now you have it first. We are going to do what we are going to do. Get rid of it from our main vanity. The method is that here it is a method.

We will type the form and say. The system dot out is fine so you can see. There are some options Say dot print Ln and then here it is Hello here in the world I’m fine and not. Finally, forget we’re going. Put a semicolon to say that. The statement is really ready and concluding. Okay so let’s move on And save and save the file. The changes are safe and we can do it now.

We can go ahead and you can click here. Click here to run Hello World. And really you’re here Hello world. Well, the statement that we Asked to write to Java and that’s it Surprisingly well well done You wrote your first Java.

Haloworld using the eclipse So it was if you were able to reach it. That means really working. Please, if you have any problem then ok for you. Where to look back at previous videos. I go through the whole process again and If you still have questions please do not. Don’t forget to start the discussion and ask.

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