How to use New Adobe Illustrator 2021

How to use New Adobe Illustrator 2021

How to use New Adobe Illustrator 2021. Based entirely on some basic design Using techniques and different elements. Such as creating texture and image nature. Something is moving and I will try In a very short time and hopefully, I won’t lift this hell. You are in the process of what we are. We are about to start. That’s what Adobe Alexander is all about.

How to use New Adobe Illustrator

How to use New Adobe Illustrator 2021

Today I am already ready to do it. You don‘t have to watch the opening. The layout we are going to go up. File and create a new document that I’m going to. For the title of this solo which will make sense. Setting up basically in a bit.
If you are new then your new document …..

The author is quite simple and Straight are all your options. The sophisticated button here is not usually. Clicked but it’s for me and that’s it.

Where you are going to choose what type. You are going to work and So using what we’re going to do. Some basic RGB for the web I am not completely. We’re going to configure it so we can print it. Okay but I’m going to document.

Select profile There are basic RGB differences.

Units ……….

I’m going to use only inches today. Because that’s basic if you were going. To be something upfront. Would recommend pixels on the web. Because it is a standard measurement I’m not going into the unit used in web design. Very messy with width and The height is the basic liter head size but. I’m going to use the horizontal option.

There is no blood here today. Sorry, I’m going to support it with two arts. We have a couple of options on board. I’m going to show you and I’m going .. Use some high-resolution imagery so I am. Going to choose a high 300 PPI raster. RGB which is going to affect and re To improve the screen level That color would be more accurate if I were.

I was printing I would use CMY. Sometimes it’s a long story and I will. Enter it the next day when I want. 37 is done on the screen test. Select OK We open our new document. These are the two artboards that we set up.

Horizontal I’m just going to show you. Go to the window and select or regret. And if the rulers show the rulers then we have one. Measurement system if you want to work With a grid or something more precise Measurement option ………….. Well, then the first board I have some professions. Vector images when ready to go inside.

I’m going to open a separate folder. First, my flock of birds And this is a basic offer and. Extended bird vector image with an If you are, Backfill is grouped. I would like to do and be new to it Can’t go through the whole vector. Lessons but when you are working with.

Groups are usually what you want to be. Able to get the option to delete these groups So this is an objection to a group and Just put my selection tool down and Just for example I can group them. Move some pieces to my liking. I’ll keep it just for the sake of it. Tutorial but you can always overcome Z. And move everything this way.

Was and so now I want to keep them. Grouped so I can use my choice. The key is to make a bounding box around them. All those selected object groups are good. Now we’re going to go edit kit and I am. This is going to bring in our first board. So now you are going to edit and I am.

Going to paste the front and that’s it. Important and I’ll show you why in one There is no other work outside the lines. A problem But I’ll scale them just for that. Opportunity is our first factor. What I’m going to do now is I’m going to. Select There or you can.

I have some scope to type. This is what I’m going to type solo hats. The same document that we have compiled. So now I’m going to choose a larger size.

I’m just going to see it. Choose Boldly and it’s a myriad pro. Typeface OK Now I’m going to do. Am I going to edit it to my liking? And because we’re going to use it. Type as the main foundation of our mask. I want to get as close to it as I can. You can see them changing and moving. Just hold ALT and I’m using my arrow keys.

In them so that we can get the most out of it. A room for as much money as possible The imagery through which it is being shown. It will appear in a second. Well, then it’s all selected I’m ready. Go now I want to replace it with one.

Editable in the original vector image And technically it’s an item but an icon. Object whatever you want to go. After selecting it, type and view. And I want to group it should be. Grouped anyway but I just want to make it. Of course ok And then I’m going to bring them.

Birds on top of it to create a little bird A bit of aesthetic effect and I’m holding on. Shift to make sure as soon as I’m changing. The size of the bird’s bound box … They are not being promoted or Pull them out if I don’t keep shifting. All will look weird and strange.

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