The Best Note-Taking App for the iPad 2021

The Best Note-Taking App for the iPad 2021

The Best Note-Taking App for the iPad 2021. What we were originally going to do was a video breaking down what we thought were the top five or six note-taking apps for the iPad, both for the pro and the base model, and we’re gonna talk a little bit later in the video about how these two devices are kind of different, but when you were doing the research you kind of found a clear winner right?

 that’s actually kind of a departure from that original iPad pro-note-taking video that we did where I used a noteshelf. I think noteshelf is a fantastic app and it’s definitely one of the top three that I would recommend if you weren’t gonna go with notability.

The Best Note-Taking App for the iPad

The Best Note-Taking App for the iPad 2021

 I checked it out, and it is kind of hands-down the best app. what we’re gonna do in this video is broken down five kinds of advanced note-taking tips for the iPad and we’re gonna use notability as the example app here. but I do wanna note that for most of these tips you can do either the same thing or something very similar in other apps out there.

But real quick, lightning run here what will be your top three recommendations for apps for people who are not gonna use notability? – all right, so if you’re not using notability as tom said, use noteshelf, that’s a good one.

You can also go with good notes 5, which is another app that I use intensively and as well as just the built-in apple notes app because that you can still write and also type notes.

it’s the only one there that’s free, so that’s worth noting. – yes, keep in mind, a lot of these, or actually all of them, that we’re recommending is paid.

Now the problem I have with writing on an iPad and I guess I have a couple of problems, ’cause honestly writing on notebook paper feels amazing, but one of the big problems is that. I don’t wanna have to constantly pinch-and-zoom to be able to write within these lines here, and I’m not going to be able to write legible text here.

So a lot of these apps solve this problem by giving you a magnifier tool. And in notability you can just come down here, if you have the pencil tool active, click here and you get this little window where you can just create notes.

I make a list of groceries not to buy later (laughs) and one of the things I really like about this app is there’s this little blue area on the right and once your pencil goes into it it’s actually gonna move the magnifier, either to the right, or it’s going to go to the next line if you’re already at the right.

And it’s adjustable so if you wanna have it here instead of here you could do that, so I’m gonna go there, or you can just hit one of these buttons to go over or down if you want to manually. I haven’t figured out

how to make this multi-column thing work 

I mean already this is like, again it’s not as good as writing on paper for me, but this is kind of a nice experience. I think with some of the other tips we’re gonna talk about, the slight trade-off inconvenience might be worth it for some people.

I mean again, it’s not gonna replace paper but a lot of these features actually add to the fact that you’re using an iPad as opposed to paper.

we’re gonna move on to the second tip which is being able to do audio recordings as you’re writing your notes and have the audio match the notes that you are writing.

this is my favorite feature.

This is a game-changing feature, specifically with notability. – [tony] which is amazing, so we’re gonna go ahead and click this little microphone up top. it’s gonna start audio recording everything that I’m saying or if, for example, as if your teacher was saying if you got permission in-class to do so.

 I don’t know like I also don’t wanna buy poison, or I don’t know, like maybe like Kenny Loggins box sets we’re recording. Here’s the thing about notability, ’cause noteshelf can record and attach to notes as well and with any app you

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